The case for an Agreement – EPA

for the agency ESN on behalf of the European Commission DG Trade

Dec 2017


The case for an Agreement – EPA

It is the title of this coverage that INS has made in Nigeria and Ivory Cost on behalf of ESN agency and DG « trade » of the European commission.

On the contrary of the ECOWAS members states and the European Union, Ghana and Nigeria did not signed the « Economic Partnership Agreement ». It’s the development tool that has been negotiated between the European Union and the representatives of west african countries. Ghana has engaged to sign the agreement by 2018. But Nigeria stil hesitates.

It is in this context that the European delegation at Abuja and the Commission of ECOWAS have organized recently a series of awareness workshops fort he local economic operators. The video, available on youtube should be broadcasted on local TV channel. Several shorter videos will also be posted on social networks.