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Brussels Media Hub

The Brussels Media Hub, powered by INS

bmhThe age of rapid information exchange and global communication depends on well-oiled, highly complex systems, networks and technologies. It’s becoming more difficult for any of us to work alone when reporting the news or designing and delivering creative content.

We all – journalists, producers, camera operators, designers, bloggers, editors, broadcasters and managers – depend on each other to get the job done with the highest level of quality.

At INS, we’ve decided to harness the individual strengths of colleagues we’ve known for years to share our skills, tools and working experience and practice. We’ve created a collaborative platform of skills and talents which we call “The Hub”.

This will allow us to brain-storm, share and fine-tune ideas, to devise original, creative but cost-effective approaches which our clients won’t have dared even dream of.

We invite all talented people from all communication disciplines to get in touch, young or old, provided they are ready to work together and share the same curiosity and ethic that we have.

If you are interested, fill in and send us the form you’ll find in the “Contact us” section of our website. Many experts already have!