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International Press Center (IPC)
Boulevard Charlemagne 1, Box 15
B 1041 Brussels

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Europe by Satellite (EbS)

PO/2018-05/A4 – INS is consortium lead for this contract which handles EU current affairs coverage across the entire world. We created a global network of over 1400 contact points which guarantees global capacity to produce, edit and transmit video news about the European institutions. Whenever the EU travels outside Brussels, we’re ready to capture the story – either with our own team or a local crew drawn from out vast network.


PO/2018-02/A4 – We provide a full range of audiovisual services to all thematic European Commission Directorates-General and EU agencies via this major multi-year framework contract.
Our work covers the whole spectrum of AV content, including animations, policy explainer videos, podcasts and live event streaming – and beyond production, we also assure compliance with EU administrative processes and handle content dissemination via the EU’s AV platform and social channels.

European Parliament – communication services

COMM/AWD/2019/37 – As part of a consortium of leading communications agencies, INS offers a range of audiovisual support to the European institutions via this framework contract with the European Parliament. We put our extensive expertise at the disposal of the EU, seconding human resources and offering bespoke solutions for a wide range of communications needs, both online and offline.

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

OC/EFSA/COMM/201901 – Together with Synoptic Media, LaviniaNext and Innosual, INS develops a series of static and interactive informational and storytelling products for EFSA via Lot 2 of this framework contract.