Instant News Services : Newsgathering, Broadcasting, Film-making and Communicating Europe since 1990

International Press Center (IPC)
Boulevard Charlemagne 1, Box 15
B 1041 Brussels

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INS produces news video content for the EU institutions and world-leading broadcasters. We also report and collect editorial footage from all around the globe via our own network of local resources – a database of 1,100 journalists, VJs, producers, cameramen, sound engineers and photographers based in more than 140 countries worldwide.


We craft engaging non-news content for a variety of clients, including animations, informational films, social media content, podcasts and event streaming.
INS works closely with each client to develop a tailor-made creative concept and script, then oversees every step of production to make sure the finished product meets expectations and is delivered on time.


Whatever your target audience, INS can help you reach them. Not only do we enjoy privileged partnerships with global distribution networks like the Associated Press and DPA, but we also offer a full range of in-house distribution solutions such as satellite transmission.
And when it comes to online dissemination, INS has the expertise to ensure maximum reach.