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INS has in-house capacity to live-stream events, conferences and webinars – regardless of complexity. We can handle multi-camera coverage as well as multilingual streaming, with our technical expertise guaranteeing a seamless experience for viewers and participants alike. Recent live-streams INS has produced include the EU’s high-level Brussels V Conference on Syria.

Social media

When it comes to online video, simply publishing on social media is only half the story.
From understanding analytical data to content optimisation and sponsored video, INS offers expertise and guidance which makes the difference when it comes to reaching the largest possible online audience. Whatever your budget, let us help you craft a campaign which has real impact.

Online dissemination

Whatever your digital video needs, we also have the back-end skill to make dissemination easy. INS can develop bespoke multimedia content management systems (CMS) and APIs to guarantee that everything runs like clockwork – from the infrastructure itself, to hosting, to transcoding and delivery.