Instant News Services : Newsgathering, Broadcasting, Film-making and Communicating Europe since 1990

International Press Center (IPC)
Boulevard Charlemagne 1, Box 15
B 1041 Brussels

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Our equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes cameras, sound & lighting equipment, SNG and DMNG 4G bonding backpacks. And our experienced technical support team are on hand to guarantee that everything runs like clockwork.


We can edit remotely, on-site or in our OB van, as well as at home in one of our industry-standard edit suites – wherever the production, whatever the deadline.


We offer transmission via satellite, KA, optical fibre, 4G internet (Live-U and Aviwest backpacks) or via our Eurovision Nimbra platform, as well as INS’ dedicated 500 Megabit (Mb) high-speed fibre internet connection.