European Solidarity Corps – “Fundraising”

The European Solidary Corps is a pan-EU initiative which supports young volunteers in their role as “active citizens”. For an online training course designed to inform participants about how to fundraise and engage with their communities, INS produced a range of video and animation content. We spoke to young Europeans taking part in the Corps about how to fundraise effectively, and to introduce key ideas like intersectionality to a wide audience.

European Solidarity Corps – “Fundraising”

Yasmina, the young entrepreneur behind FreshTable, explains how the European Solidarity Corps supported her exciting social food initiative.
We joined her on the streets of Rotterdam to see how the EU helped her unite her two passions – great cuisine and making a difference.

European Solidarity Corps – “Intersectionality”

For this interview with an LGBT activist about how to approach voluntary work with anti-discrimination in mind, we took to the streets of downtown Brussels to bring colour, energy and diversity to the screen.

European Solidarity Corps – “Feel Like Home”

With the backing of the European Solidarity Corps, a group of young Russians in the Czech Republic are helping russophone arrivals in Prague integrate into their new city.
We travelled to meet them and share their story of European solidarity in action.