Event media management


INS will take care of all audio-visual aspects of your event

  • We recruit radio and TV journalists most suitable to cover the event.
  • We set up and manage all working facilities that photographers and radio and TV journalists need, such as rooms for press conferences and for journalists to work in.
  • We provide you with top-tier journalists and moderators for your panel discussions and debates.
  • We provide you with ENG crews to film your press conferences and working sessions, including plenary sessions, workshops, high-level panels, project laboratories. These crews are also available for all interviews you may wish to conduct, including micro-interviews for instant web and social media dissemination.
  • We design and implement social media and web 2.0 engagement activities and operate live interactive platforms. We elaborate core digital messages and organize live tweeting. We hire relevant community managers and bloggers.
  • We set up and operate all necessary temporary audio-visual facilities such as radio and TV studio sets, temporary event TV and web-platforms, mobile editing facilities, web streaming and mobile transmission facilities.
  • We support your communications experts in collecting data, stories and testimonials for their press briefings, press maps, web sites and for press and media activities beyond the event.
  • We mine these data, stories, testimonials and footage to efficiently activate your social networks and accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Google+ etc, in order to encourage online media, stakeholders and followers to engage in the event more widely.