Filming crews and equipment

  • We have more than 300 experienced journalists, cameramen, video editors, producers, sound engineers, video journalists, photographers and assistants on our books, in house and freelance. They operate in Brussels and across all countries of the EU and are deployable anywhere in the world.
  • They are equipped with up-to-the- minute news cameras (Sony and Panasonic 1080i/720p), cinema cameras (BMD mini, URSA 4 6K, Sony FS 7-700, F5-55), a full range of lenses and optics, audio recording equipment and lighting equipment.
  • Our producers and cameramen are also skilled in filming in 4K, 360° and Virtual Reality.
  • We can also rent additional equipment and operators as needed (cameras, OB vans, drones, cranes, dollies, Steadicams).