Freelance journalists

  • Multilingual, native-speaking freelance junior and senior journalists, copywriters, researchers and proofreaders, all specializing in EU affairs, are ready to assist you and your team in collecting information and audio/video archives, deal with related copyright issues, help with story design, make contacts and arrange interviews. They will also translate and proofread your documents, titles and subtitles.
  • They are also ready to help in carrying out interviews and voxpops, moderating debates, assisting the editing team, taking care of voice-overs and proofreading the various language versions of your video reports.
  • Our freelance journalists, producers, MOJOs and video journalists can also assist you film extra footage, set up thematic image databases, produce trailers and additional news reports.
  • Our designers, graphics artists and video editors can assist you in creating and producing graphics/animations and animated videos of high impact to illustrate and support your video reports.