Live transmissions


Direct from our office at the IPC via satellite, KA, fibre optics, internet 4G, and our Eurovision Nimbra Platform link for international fibre optics TV and data networks.

For special events or breaking news stories, from our compact multi-functional Outside Broadcast Streaming (OBS) van via satellite, KA, 4G, ADSL/SDSL/VDSL.

Our OB van is equipped with up to 20 entries, 2 M/E, automatic AVL-Tech VSAT 120 cm, KA-Sat 9A band and flight cases.

From one of our mobile backpacks. We have the latest backpack technology at your disposal: Aviwest (DMNG PRO 180 RA), LiveU (L400), TVU-Networks (TM 8200), Mobile Viewpoint (WMT1000 Expert HD) and Quicklink (Backpack MIDI H265).

From all over the world via specific agreements with a selection of TV operators.