Instant News Services : Newsgathering, Broadcasting, Film-making and Communicating Europe since 1990

International Press Center (IPC)
Boulevard Charlemagne 1, Box 15
B 1041 Brussels

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Our history

INS was created in 1990 by André Kasprzak. In June 2016 the company was acquired by Patrick Delfosse (journalist, former editor-in-chief of EuroparlTV) and Luc Dumoulin (lawyer, public information consultant and TV producer). In July 2018, INS joined forces with Watch-TV, a Brussels-based media company with longstanding expertise in running European framework contracts and managing audiovisual studios for public institutions and private clients.

Our philosophy

INS is driven by the ambition of bridging the gap between producing creative, newsworthy and innovative audiovisual content, and ensuring the flawless broadcast, dissemination and support which the content deserves. Everything we do is built around a sense of responsibility and accountability for the quality and impact of our audiovisual productions – and we have the journalistic and technical expertise to match.

Our clients

Time and again, we have proven our ability to deliver a wide range of audiovisual content for a variety of clients, both public and private. Via numerous Framework Contracts, INS enjoys trusted relationships with the European Commission, European Parliament and European Council, as well as other European and international institutions. We have also worked for many leading TV broadcasters, including respected national institutions like RAI and Arte.

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Our clients