EU Podcasts

Since 2019, INS has served as a podcast specialist for multiple EU institutions and agencies. We currently produce four original podcast series: Food for Europe (DG AGRI), Europe Calling (DG COMM), Eurofound Talks, and The Grassroots View (EESC). We now have over one hundred episodes under our belt, regularly reaching up to half a million […]

EU Delegation in Turkey

In 2021-22, INS produced a series of TV and social media campaigns for Turkish audiences. The productions marked events such as International Women’s Day and World Environment Day, and included a documentary mini-series about EU climate diplomacy in Turkey called “Journey to Green with Blue” – a 40-minute main feature, plus five 10-minute episodes and […]

Europol – Europe’s Most Wanted

Some of Europe’s most wanted criminals are “hiding in plain sight”, living with new identities and avoiding justice for violent or serious criminal activity. INS was tasked with producing a series of short films which draw attention to Europol’s “most wanted” list, raising awareness of how members of the public can play a crucial role […]

EP – Parlamentarium

After having produced the entirety of the public-facing audiovisual content for Experience Europe, the European Commission’s new visitor centre in Brussels, INS was trusted with renewing nine short films for the Parlamentarium, the European Parliament’s equivalent facility. The project took us all over Europe, from Italy to Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, Romania, Austria, Malta, Belgium, […]

DG COMM – Conference on the Future of Europe

The Conference on the Future of Europe was a citizen-led series of debates and discussions that ran from April 2021 to May 2022. The Conference was the first of its kind: a major pan-European democratic exercise, with citizen-led debates enabling people from across Europe to share their ideas and help shape our common future. INS […]

Eurojust – 20 Years of Criminal Justice across Borders

To mark the twentieth anniversary of Eurojust, INS produced a 4-minute video to present the agency’s work to support security and justice and its tangible impact on our lives. INS was responsible for the entirety of production: scriptwriting and concept development, casting and on-site shooting at Eurojust HQ, as well as post-production editing, motion design […]

European Inventor Awards 2022 – Highlight film

The flagship annual event of the European Patent Office (EPO) is the European Inventor Awards, for which INS is responsible for the production of all the audiovisual content which presents the nominated inventors and promotes the ceremony itself. Shooting across 19 locations worldwide in the space of just six weeks, we delivered a vast array […]

DG REFORM – Technical Support Instrument

The Technical Support Instrument (TSI) is the EU programme that provides tailor-made technical expertise to EU Member States to design and implement reforms in a wide range of policy areas like the green and the digital transitions, education, governance and public administration, labour market, social protection and migration and more. INS produced a series of […]

Europe by Satellite (EBS)

Since early 2019, the EU institutions have trusted INS to deliver fast-paced, high-quality video news coverage of their activities across the globe in the context of the Europe by Satellite (EBS) framework contract. For four years and in all four corners of the world, INS has been on-call 24/7 – working with our extensive network […]

EVAnews – WTFEU!?

EVANews is a unique project: an alliance between several of Europe’s most prestigious video news agencies to exchange and inform about European affairs against a rising tide of disinformation. At the heart of this collaboration is INS, which coordinates the project as well as producing reports in its own right. INS’ in-house contributions include a […]

EVAnews – Qatar report

EVANews is a unique project: an alliance between several of Europe’s most prestigious video news agencies to exchange and inform about European affairs against a rising tide of disinformation. At the heart of this collaboration is INS, which coordinates the project as well as producing reports in its own right. In this report, we explored […]

Justice is a Fundamental Right

According to the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, too many Europeans are reluctant to report crime, and too few understand that efficient justice is one of their fundamental rights. In this playful animation, conceived and produced by INS, we set out the findings of FRA’s recent survey through the stories of two characters who experience […]

Bienvenue Chez Les Soccs

Cricket in Saint-Omer? It might seem improbable, but for a group of young people in this northern French town, the sport has been key to finding a sense of community.In this documentary produced by INS, we go behind the scenes of the Saint-Omer Cricket Club Stars to discover just how important a role sport and […]

Le Grain de Sable dans la Machine

Film produced by INS and Zornproduction International for ARTE, RTBF as well as a dozen other European channels. This documentary is a one-year chronicle of the coronavirus crisis. Like the virus, the film travels all over the planet to uncover the structural flaws in our global system which allowed the pandemic to strike with such intensity: […]

The Clock is Ticking

This 90-minutes documentary film shows one of the greatest divorces of all time. The most important event since the birth of the EU is a marathon negotiation led by European Commissioner Michel Barnier which was supposed to end on March 29, 2019. Following in his footsteps throughout this process, it reveals the State of the […]

Vaccines work

The European institutions trusted INS with vital public health campaigns throughout the pandemic – including around vaccination. We highlighted the importance and efficacy of vaccinations through testimonials from two Europeans for whom vaccination against COVID could be a matter of life or death – Borislava, a Bulgarian kidney transplant patient living in Belgium, and Asija, […]

Frontex Multipurpose Maritime Operation exercise

In July 2020, Frontex – the EU’s border agency – held a large exercise on the Black Sea together with Romanian and Bulgarian authorities, including a simulated emergency medical evacuation during search and rescue and stopping a ship with drug smugglers on board. Filming from helicopters, boats, dinghies and drones, INS’ crew captured all the […]

Virologist Peter Piot on vaccines

Peter Piot is a virologist who contributed to identifying Ebola. He has combatted viruses his entire professional life, and now he is on the frontline for #SafeVaccines as Special Advisor to President von der Leyen. In an interview produced and directed by INS, he underlined the vital role of vaccines in moving beyond the pandemic, […]

European Solidarity Corps – “Fundraising”

The European Solidary Corps is a pan-EU initiative which supports young volunteers in their role as “active citizens”. For an online training course designed to inform participants about how to fundraise and engage with their communities, INS produced a range of video and animation content. We spoke to young Europeans taking part in the Corps […]

Let’s Get the Future Right

In advance of a major conference about the impact of artificial intelligence on human rights, INS produced and directed a series of supporting videos for the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights which explored the key challenges and oppportunities posed by this technological revolution. The videos were used during the high-level event itself and subsequently disseminated […]

From Farm to Fork

How can Europeans build a more sustainable food industry? The EU is leading the way, with a “farm to fork” strategy which seeks to rethink how we produce, distribute and eat our food. INS created a series of impactful videos for DG SANTE to underline the role every part of society can play in revolutionising […]

Eu-Africa Youth Plug-In Initiative

In advance of a key EU-African Union summit, the hosts asked young people from Europe and Africa to come together in Brussels and Addis Ababa to propose their “dream agenda” and ambitions for the event. At the heart of the campaign was football superstar Didier Drogba, filmed at his training ground in Minneapolis by a […]

ORION Mentoring Program

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) runs an innovative pilot programme, ORION, designed to support voluntary returnees during reinsertion into their home countries. INS was proud to be asked to showcase this important and impactful project in a video shot across the African continent, produced with our colleagues at the Africa News Agency in Kigali.

Sakharov Prize

The annual Sakharov Prize is awarded by the European Parliament to people who have dedicated their lives to democracy and freedom. In 2020, the S&D political group asked INS to showcase their candidate – the democratic opposition in Belarus, nominated collectively via their Coordination Council. The activists eventually went on to win the Prize, and […]

The app helping Cambodian farmers

The majority of Cambodia’s population are farmers. For centuries, they have relied on the monsoon but climate change makes it unpredictable. A new digital application, the Khmer Smart Farming app, helps farmers to adapt. The EU-funded app provides weather forecasts, and information on crops and planting techniques. Every year, EU Humanitarian Aid supports projects that […]

The phone call saving hundreds of lives in Cambodia

Every year Cambodians experience at least one extreme weather event. Millions of people are affected, but one phone call can save hundreds of lives. A “1294” call in Cambodia can reach 1,000 households in only 1 minute. Thanks to EU Humanitarian Aid and People in Need, the “1294” early warning system will be available countrywide […]

Fundamental Rights Survey

The 2019 Fundamental Rights Survey asked tens of thousands of Europeans about their views of human rights, and the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights tasked INS with presenting the key findings. We produced and directed this video – the first of many productions we have since undertaken for FRA.

Government of Senegal

At the end of President Macky Sall’s first term in office, INS produced a feature-length documentary – accompanied by 11 short films – assessing the progress made by his government. We were granted unprecendented access to the inner workings of the Sall administration, as well as shooting on location across the country and drawing on […]

Educating in Emergencies

In 2012, the EU won the Nobel Peace Prize, and pledged the prize money to initiatives designed to help children around the world. INS was asked to produce a “state of play” video for the subsequent Educating in Emergencies programme, supporting young people’s learning in conflict-stricken communities across the globe. We crossed the world for […]

EU Investment Project Portal

The EU Investment Project Portal (EIPP) is an online platform which matches innovative European start-ups with the expertise and investment they need to grow. INS has produced and directed numerous testimonials which present the EIPP’s many success stories across Europe – including this production in Copenhagen, in which we meet Sebastian Khunert, the founder of […]

EU Election Observation Missions

INS has unrivalled expertise in covering the EU’s numerous Election Observation Missions across the world – from their impact on national political dialogue to their respected status as a mark of democratic integrity. From 2011-19, we produced and directed video reports about countless EOMs “in the field”, travelling to Peru, Kenya, Pakistan, Bolivia, Niger, Burundi, […]

European Heritage Label

The European Heritage Label is awarded to sites across the EU which are recognised for their important historical role or cultural heritage. Drawing on our extensive international network and our ability to capture the essence of spectacular locations, INS produced and directed short films about every site which received the Label – 38 in total, […]

The Case for an Agreement

Private sector representatives from Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire, as well as ECOWAS representatives, give their views on the Economic Partnership Agreement between West Africa and the European Union. They explain why they believe that the agreement will support the development of their business, and deliver on diversification and industrialisation. They also emphasise the usefulness of […]


INS produced and directed a series of 12 videos, showcasing the stories of young people across the Mediterranean region benefitting from the EU4Youth initiative, which support entrepreneurship and job creation in the EU’s neighbourhood. Filming across Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and beyond, we captured the spirit and ambition of the next generation through their own words […]


AfriquEurope is a weekly magazine show about links between the EU and Africa which is broadcast by the Africa Label group. Working closely with our African partners, we supported three Label TV journalists visiting the EU’s DevDays 2017 conference as they produced reports for the show, deploying our network and technical expertise to secure high-level […]

Nuclear Safety Cooperation

The European Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation provides crucial funding for projects which work to decommission and decontaminate nuclear and chemical sites across the post-Soviet region. INS travelled to Central Asia to produce a series of videos which would raise awareness of the Instrument at diplomatic meetings and donor conferences – helping to secure much-needed […]

30 years, 50 European Capitals of Culture

The European Capital of Culture programme has rejuvenated cities across the EU with cultural activities since 1985. To mark 30 years of the programme, INS was asked to produce a video campaign which was subsequently shown in cinemas across Europe. Our “journey” through the history of the programme combined on-location shooting with archival footage – […]

Dance 4 Peace

Music and dance has the power to unite people from across the world. For the “Dance 4 Peace” campaign, we brought together respected musicians with children in Colombia, DRC, Iraq, Ethiopia and Pakistan, to bring this powerful message of hope to the screen. INS produced and directed the main video in addition to two shorter […]

EIDHR @ FIFA World Cup (Brazil)

On the occasion of the 2014 football World Cup, INS travelled to Brazil on behalf of DG ECHO to produce a series of five films exploring the political and social challenges taking place beyond the stadium walls. As the tournament drew massive media interest, this was the ideal moment to showcase EuropeAid’s work in the […]

EU Children of peace

Too many children are affected by conflict, and too few ever have the opportunity to share their own perspectives. For DG ECHO’s “Children of Peace” campaign, we sought to change that. INS sent disposible cameras to refugee and IDP camps across the globe, asking the children who live there to show us their lives through […]